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PiPA Accreditation

We understand that creating an  Inclusive Play Space is not easy.  The PiPA Accreditation was created to help help Local Authorities, Play Companies, Landscape Architects and Community Groups of all sizes with independent advise on creating Inclusive spaces. Using the PiPA - Plan Inclusive Play Area methodology we can help you make the best use of your space and make it Inclusive for all users. Our PiPA Checklist can guide you on the choices to make during the design and planning process using the comprehensive 5 point design system.

Plan to Go

Plan to Access

Plan to Play

Plan to Rest

Plan to Engage

At PiPA Accreditation we are here to give you independent advise and help you achieve and inclusive place for your community. 

Once you have received PiPA Accreditation your play area will be listed on the PiPA Map making it easier for find.