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PiPA - Plan Inclusive Play Areas is a tool which helps local authorities, landscape architects, town planners and families with disabled children create an inclusive outdoor play area.
PiPA provides expert knowledge for anyone designing a play area.
Championed by Inclusive Play. PiPA was created in collaboration with experts in the field of play and special needs; through invaluable consultation with disabled children's charity, KIDS, as well as Occupational therapists from both the UK and USA
PiPA has been endorsed by the Accessible Britain Challenge and the Design Council and hailed as a good practice document.

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Consulting Support Options

Assessment of an existing area

Business Meeting

Assessment of existing sites gives valuable information of how Inclusive your play areas are.  We will asses your existing site and give feedback and any recommendations we have for improvement.

PiPA Design Consultancy

Business Meeting

We will review any plans you have for new play spaces and support your design team.  Working with them using  the checklist as a guide to support the design and assist you achieving PiPA status.  Our goal is to achieve the highest PiPA status as possible supporting you along the way.

PiPA Strategic Planning


With years of experience working in the Inclusive space, our staff have the capabilities and expertise to work with you on your strategic plans. With PiPA, we combine our insights and skills to transform your approach towards Inclusive design with Inclusion.  We will support you imbedding the PiPA ideology into your business. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients approach Inclusion

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