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PiPA Checklist

PiPA is the go-to tool when approaching your inclusive playground design, or evaluating an existing play provision. Finding facilities that the whole family can enjoy together can often be a real challenge but our checklist will help you create your outdoor play areas. 

The PiPA comprehensive five point system helps evaluate new play space designs to ensure all children and families benefit from the area, making sure that all requirements are independently assessed.  PiPA can also be used to audit existing play spaces, identifying any gaps in provision or barriers to accessibility in the landscape.
PiPA accreditation process does not only review the play opportunities provided within the space, it also looks at the availability of information about the space and access to on-site or local facilities and amenities. These key areas help illustrate the considerations families and children with disabilities must keep in mind before planning a trip to play, We will work with you to select the right equipment for a wide range abilities and you can be sure your design will be fully inclusive for all ages and abilities.