Play Area Design

Championed initially by Inclusive Play UK, and now independently managed, the PiPA  accreditation was created in collaboration with experts in the field of play and special needs, through invaluable consultation with disabled children's charity, KIDS, as well as Occupational therapists from both the UK and USA.  PiPA - Plan Inclusive Play Areas,  provides expert knowledge , guidance and support for anyone designing a play area.  It helps you focus on inclusion not only accessibility, meaning everyone regardless of age, gender or ability should have the same opportunity to play together in a safe and fun environment. The PiPA checklist is available for everyone to use and we can work with you through the process or you can submit your designs and plans to us for review.
The PiPA  accreditation was endorsed by the UK Government for their Accessible Britain Challenge and the UK Design Council and hailed as best practice in play area design.


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Consulting Support Options

We offer three main services to our clients.  Inclusive Assessment of existing sites to give valuable information of how Inclusive your current play areas are.  We will assess your existing provision and give feedback and any recommendations we have for improvement.  The PiPA Design Consultancy reviews any plans you have for new play spaces and supports you with the design and layout using the PiPA checklist as a guide to support you achieving PiPA accreditation status.  Our goal is for you to achieve the  most Inclusive space you can with the restraints you may have.  PiPA Strategic Planning we share our experience working in the Inclusive space and work with you on your strategic plans.  Using PiPA and the experience we have working with our partners we combine our insights and knowledge to transform your approach towards Inclusive design.  We will support you imbedding the PiPA methodology into your organisation. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients approach Inclusion and are more than happy to discuss any specific needs you may have.

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